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Empowering Financial Planning Across Different Life Stages: Objective-Based Investing with O-IM

In recent blog posts, I have focused on the changing world of Financial Planning and Wealth Management, specifically, the influence of technology in our industry. This week, I want to change focus slightly and look at O-IM’s investment proposition to explain the thought process behind our portfolios and why advisers are working with us.

In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, goals-based and objective-based investing stand as strategic foundations for achieving financial objectives at every critical stage of life. These terms are often used interchangeably but there are subtle differences.

Goals-based investing focuses on the specific goals of the individual. That may be saving for a house, funding school fees or dream holiday and is therefore subjective in its nature. Objective based investing on the other hand is more focused on stages of an individual’s life and their broader goals of perhaps building wealth or passing it to their loved ones. By its very definition, it is objective in its approach and therefore can be applied to a broader audience.

At O-IM, our primary mission is to enable financial advisers to navigate clients seamlessly through three pivotal life stages: Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Preservation, and Wealth Succession. Through our diverse and adaptable risk-rated portfolios, financial plans can be tailored to distinct objectives, giving advisers the essential tools to effectively navigate these vital life phases.


Understanding Objective-Based Investing

Objective-based investing is centered around tailoring investment strategies to specific life objectives. At O-IM, we recognise that financial goals vary throughout an individual’s life journey, ranging from accumulating wealth and preserving it to smoothly transitioning wealth to future generations. Our portfolios are carefully structured to accommodate diverse risk profiles and life stages, ensuring clients’ aspirations are at the forefront of investment decisions.


Wealth Accumulation: Building Foundations for Future Success

During the wealth accumulation phase, individuals strive to grow their assets and secure a robust financial foundation. O-IM’s diversified portfolios offer customised strategies aligned with different risk profiles. For clients seeking higher growth, our dynamic, growth-oriented portfolios provide the means for accumulating wealth while effectively managing risk. Our team work closely with Financial Advisers, leveraging these portfolios to help construct a financial plan to pave the path towards investor’s long-term financial aspirations being achieved.


Wealth Preservation: Safeguarding Hard-Earned Wealth

As life progresses, preserving wealth becomes a primary concern, particularly into retirement and ensuring income is protected for the longer term. Our balanced and Capital Preservation portfolios offer a range of risk-rated options designed to protect capital while aiming for consistent returns. Advisers collaborate with clients to select portfolios that match their risk tolerance and financial ambitions. These portfolios prioritise stable, income-focused investments to safeguard wealth against market volatility.


Wealth Succession: Ensuring a Lasting Financial Legacy

The third stage we identify through our investment proposition is Wealth Succession. Namely the transitioning of wealth from one generation to the next, which demands strategic planning. There are many ways in which wealth can be tax-efficiently passed to the next generation but few that enable both ISA benefits and exposure to growth opportunities to be maintained throughout the process.  O-IM offers a specialised portfolio of AIM listed companies, designed to enable investors to leave a growing legacy to their beneficiaries.

Our tailored succession portfolio, O-IM AIM, considers the interplay of capital preservation and growth to align with the legacy objectives of clients. Financial advisers partnering with O-IM can adeptly guide clients through this critical phase, ensuring a seamless transfer of assets to future generations.


Collaborating with O-IM for Client Success

Partnering with O-IM equips financial advisers with the vital resources to deliver tailored, objective-based investment solutions. Our risk-rated portfolios and IHT specific portfolio align perfectly with clients’ evolving financial objectives at every life stage. By leveraging our expertise, advisers can confidently guide their clients, providing strategic financial solutions that support their unique aspirations.

At O-IM, our commitment to supporting financial advisers extends beyond providing diverse investment portfolios. We offer ongoing support, expert insights, and cutting-edge resources to ensure advisers are equipped with the necessary tools to drive their clients towards financial success.


Elevating Financial Futures with O-IM

In a world where financial goals evolve across different life stages, objective-based investing is the key for client engagement through providing tangible focuses for investors to work towards. Our commitment to empowering financial advisers and their clients through tailored risk-rated portfolios sets the stage for achieving wealth accumulation, preservation, and succession goals. Our portfolios are available on a wide range of third-party platforms as well, maximising accessibility, reducing charges and enabling advisers and investors to achieve their objectives in the way that best suits their individual circumstance.


If this approach is something you as an adviser can identify with, I would love to explore working with you. Please reach out!