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Our Approach

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy at O-IM is to create portfolios that are tailored to your individual needs and our focus is on long-only discretionary macro strategies. Using a broad range of asset classes, including direct equities and funds, enables us to create innovative portfolios, which aim to provide better risk and return outcomes, without expensive fees. Our ability to deploy risk across asset classes, geographies and sectors enables us to effectively achieve portfolio diversification.

We feel passive funds, actively managed funds and direct equities can be used effectively based on your objectives and risk appetite. We do not shy away from any asset class if it helps deliver the best outcome for you and is in line with your risk appetite.

Investment Approach

The investment selection utilises a top-down approach, where risk is deployed through directional and relative value methodologies, based on various factors including global macroeconomic trends. Whilst portfolio positioning can be medium-term or long-term, each of O-IM’s investments are underpinned by a regular and rigorous selection process by our in-house research team and our investment committee. We strongly believe that time in the markets is better than trying to time the markets and design our portfolios with an investment time horizon of 5 years and beyond.

Portfolio Construction

Our ethos is to maintain a carefully constructed diversified portfolio, where we expertly analyse each investment and identify the most appropriate opportunities for you. We select investments to achieve your ultimate objectives and not only from an absolute return perspective. This may also include Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations.

A key component of our portfolio construction is how we assign weightings to different asset classes, geographies, and individual securities.

  • We not only consider the current economic landscape, but also key industry developments.
  • Our team performs detailed research for individual security selection.
  • We identify key drivers of company value through public information, research tools and industry relationships, including site visits. This enables us to conduct analysis of fundamental information that supports our assessment of an investment opportunity.

When selecting funds for a portfolio, we perform detailed analyses of many aspects of the fund such as the manager, their strategy, ongoing fees, and historical performance.

Risk Management

  • Every day we pro-actively monitor the assets on our buy list and perform ongoing analyses of individual securities in the portfolio.
  • We set a target allocation of each asset in your portfolio and have a clear process for when an asset moves more than a pre-determined threshold in either direction to consider the impact to you.
  • We hold highly liquid assets that allow us to alter risk exposure, in response to market conditions, on a portfolio or security level, to ensure we are doing everything we can to meet your objectives.
  • All our portfolios are managed against the agreed investment mandate, and we have sophisticated controls to monitor those parameters on an ongoing basis.
  • Utilising various risk management techniques, such as stress testing, we review the ongoing impact of market conditions on your asset allocation to ensure your portfolio remains within the agreed risk profile.